Next Generation Youth Theatre & Tangled Feet

Mirror Sky

Mirror Sky

It’ll all start when you look up...

Have you noticed everyone’s eyes are fixed on their phones? Is it escapism, security or an uncontrollable addiction? 
We all spend so much time with our eyes fixed to a screen… have we stopped noticing each other? Our social networks are huge, we have thousands of friends, but are we really more connected?
Do we need to take a moment to look up, to look out and to look to the sky? Is it time to change our horizons?

Award winning theatre ensemble Tangled Feet and leading local theatre company Next Generation Youth Theatre collaborate to create a stunning piece of mass movement theatre across the streets of Luton.
Groups of figures appear on the streets- in the mall, on the high street, outside the train station. They are transfixed on their own path, their own screen and their own journey.

Keep your eyes open as movement and music combine to shine a light on what is held within the ‘black mirrors’ in their hands. Watch as they dance from anger to hilarity, from outrage to fear and from love to vanity.
But where will all this looking down get us?

Join the one hundred performers at 5pm in St George ‘s Square for a stunning finale to the festival and an uplifting and powerful celebration of what happens when our connections are not just digital, but human. Look to the sky as that is where this story may end…

Commissioned by Imagine Luton

Twitter:  @ngyt_uk @tangledfeet


Site 6 - St Georges Square

Running time

20 mins


  • Sun 25 Jun - 5:00pm