House of Absolute

Human Jukebox

Human Jukebox

All-female dance collective House of Absolute will explore themes of connection, spontaneity and cross-culturism in this interactive performance that allows audiences to choose which combination of live music and dance styles they want to see. Create stories with a beatboxer, violinist, percussionist and cellist paired with dancers from disciplines of contemporary dance, hip-hop, krump, physical theatre, breaking and popping to create a truly unique experience.

Commissioned by Imagine Luton.

Photo Credit: Stuart Alsop

Twitter: @houseofabsolute


Site 5 - Town Hall (Sat), Site 7 - The Mall (Sun)

Running time

20 mins


  • Sat 24 Jun - 2:45pm
  • Sat 24 Jun - 8:00pm
  • Sun 25 Jun - 1:30pm
  • Sun 25 Jun - 4:00pm